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Trans 7 Live Streaming - Trans7 is Indonesian television station that began airing since December 15, 2006. Station tv is a reformation of the television station TV7 which was renamed after the PT Trans Corpora acquired the majority of shares.

On August 4, 2006, the Group passed the PT Trans Corpora officially acquired 55% of PT Duta Visual Nusantara Tivi Tujuh. Jakob Oetama who is chairman of AP has also agreed working relationship with Trans TV because there is a culture that is held in common by the 2nd party, that there are similarities in vision and mission.

Over time, the same crate kantorpusat SCTV moved to Jakarta, the editors and the TV station moves to the House Trans TV. Overall Operation and technicians are also combined for mengkurangi business operational costs. Thanks to the hard work and good management, Trans7 now has 26 transmission stations that reach more than 133 million television viewers across Indonesia.

Trans7 Watching TV Online Live Streaming

You certainly know the events featured in the television station, which are OVJ or Opera Van Java, starring Sule and Andre and (Bukan) Empat Mata by Tukul Arowana are so phenomenal. You can watch it all here thanks to Trans 7 Streaming impressions that we present to you. Enjoy.

trans 7 streaming oline

TRANS7 broadcast programs about information and entertainment. Category show wide ranging program of series, music, reality, religion, until news and sport. Watch Bukan Empat Mata, Opera Van Java (OVJ), Jejak Petualang,trans 7 streaming, trans 7 online, trans 7 live, trans 7 online streaming,trans 7 ovj, trans 7 dua dunia

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