UEFA Champions League Live Online HD TV Streaming Free

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Champions League Live Streaming - Champions League is the meeting place of strong teams throughout Europe. This is what makes this championship to be very prestigious for any European team.

No doubt, if we are talking football club, football is a barometer for European clubs that exist in this world. Top 10 richest clubs in the world today is still held by European clubs.

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Champions League is one of the event to get the respect and also be a big club. A club would be considered great if he won the Champions League. This trophy is a proving ground for all the people that they are the best.

UEFA Champions League Live Online HD TV Streaming Free

Like the World Cup trophy, trophies Champhions League, or commonly referred to as "The Big Ear" is, a dream of every player to lift European football. Still remember how a Cesc Fabregas, Fernando Torres, Raul Meireles and also chose to move to a club that has a chance of winning the Champions League bigger than the previous club.

Here's a list of Champions League, since this competition was held in 1955 to last in 2012 Final yesterday.

1955-56: Real Madrid (Spain)
1956-57: Real Madrid (Spain)
1957-58: Real Madrid (Spain)
1958-59: Real Madrid (Spain)
1959-60: Real Madrid (Spain)
1960-61: Benfica (Portugal)
1961-62: Benfica (Portugal)
1962-63: Milan (Italy)
1963-64: Inter Milan (Italy)
1964-65: Inter Milan (Italy)
1965-66: Real Madrid (Spain
1966-67: Celtic (Scotland)
1967-68: Manchester United (England)
1968-69: Milan (Italy)
1969-70: Feyenoord (Netherlands)
1970-71: Ajax (Netherlands)
1971-72: Ajax (Netherlands)
1972-73: Ajax (Netherlands)
1973-74: Bayern Munich (Germany)
1974-75: Bayern Munich (Germany)
1975-76: Bayern Munich (Germany)
1976-77: Liverpool (England)
1977-78: Liverpool (England)
1978-79: Nottingham Forest (England)
1979-80: Nottingham Forest (England)
1980-81: Liverpool (England)
1981-82: Aston Villa (England)
1982-83: Hamburg (Germany)
1983-84: Liverpool (England)
1984-85: Juventus (Italy)
1985-86: Bucurest Steaua (Romania)
1986-87: Porto (Portugal)
1987-88: PSV Eindhoven (Netherlands)
1988-89: AC Milan (Italy)
1989-90: AC Milan (Italy)
1990-91: Red Star Belgrade (Yugoslavia)
1991-92: Barcelona (Spain)
1992-93: Marseille (France)
1993-94: AC Milan (Italy)
1994-95: Ajax (Netherlands)
1995-96: Juventus (Italy)
1996-97: Borussia Dortmund (Germany)
1997-98: Real Madrid (Spain)
1998-99: Manchester United (England)
1999-2000: Real Madrid (Spain)
2000-01: Bayern Munich (Germany)
2001-02: Real Madrid (Spain)
2002-03: AC Milan (Italy)
2003-04: Porto (Portugal)
2004-05: Liverpool (England)
2005-06: Barcelona (Spain)
2006-07: AC Milan (Italy)
2007-08: Manchester United (England)
2008-09: Barcelona (Spain)
2009-10: Inter Milan (Italy)
2010-11: Barcelona (Spain)
2011-12: Chelsea FC (England)
2012-13: Bayern Munich (Germany)
2013-14: Real Madrid (Spain)

Those are some names and facts enliven Champions League to date. Lots of world football player who really wants this trophy before he retired. Because this is the Champions League. The most prestigious leagues throughout the world.

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