Spanish La Liga TV Live Streaming HD

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La Liga TV Live Streaming - As well as the performances Matador, Spain is also famous for the world of soccer. One of the biggest event of the football match Spain is La Liga. He is a league competition followed by football clubs throughout Spain.

Spanish La Liga TV Live Streaming HD

As a state winner in the game of football World wide highway in 2010, the Spanish football world as the center momentum. The match is still considered a sort of league as a string of victories from the matador state achievement in the field of football.

History of the Great squad teams in La Liga

Since it was first held, Barcelona have won the Champions league match in this. Then followed by Real Madrid in 1932 and 1933. Glory of the two biggest teams in La Liga competition from Athletic Bilbao who won the game in 1930, 1931, 1934 and 1936. Betis had come to feel sitting in first place before the La Liga match delayed because they Civil War of Spain.

The war in the Spanish La Liga stop it for a while. In 1940 the club finished fighting a big present La Liga coloring game. The team is Atletico Aviacion (Atletico Madrid), Valencia, and Sevilla. The two teams had tasted the highs from 1939 to 1945.

Decades passed, Real Madrid began to control the way league. La Liga power is under its power. For approximately 20 years, ie from 1961 to 1980 Real Madrid dominated La Liga. Clubs that successfully prevented the pace of Real Madrid is Valencia and Barcelona. Since then, the eternal game between Real Madrid and Barcelona in La Liga starts.

La Liga champions from 1970-2011

1970: Atlético de Madrid
1971: Valencia CF
1972: Real Madrid
1973: Atlético de Madrid
1974: FC Barcelona
1975: Real Madrid
1976: Real Madrid
1977: Atlético de Madrid
1978: Real Madrid
1979: Real Madrid
1980: Real Madrid
1981: Real Sociedad
1982: Real Sociedad
1983: Athletic Bilbao
1984: Athletic Bilbao
1985: FC Barcelona
1986: Real Madrid
1987: Real Madrid
1988: Real Madrid
1989: Real Madrid
1990: Real Madrid
1991: FC Barcelona
1992: FC Barcelona
1993: FC Barcelona
1994: FC Barcelona
1995: Real Madrid
1996: Atlético de Madrid
1997: Real Madrid
1998: FC Barcelona
1999: FC Barcelona
2000: Deportivo de La Coruña
2001: Real Madrid
2002: Valencia CF
2003: Real Madrid
2004: Valencia CF
2005: FC Barcelona
2006: FC Barcelona
2007: Real Madrid
2008: Real Madrid
2009: FC Barcelona
2010: FC Barcelona
2011: Real Madrid
2012: FC Barcelona
2013: Atlético de Madrid

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